What is School Community Council?

A school community council is a committee made up of parents and school professionals who help determine the needs of our school and the best methods and programs to support those needs through the School Land Trust Program.  Members of the school community council will meet together approximately 5-6 times during the school year to discuss the schools needs, the School Land Trust plan, and it’s implementation.

School Community Council CalendarTeacher & Student Success Act (TSSA)

Our proposed plan: Cedar Valley Elementary participates in Alpine District’s TSSA plan. We have access to Counselors and Social Workers who meet with students regularly regarding social-emotional wellness, and other areas critical to our academic goals. We will also purchase needed technology to access online reading and math programs and learning, and provide needed supplies for integrating in knowledge, skills and dispositions.

Community Council Members

 Chair– Mallory Norris

[email protected] / 801-319-2064

 Vice Chair- Eugenia Young

[email protected] / 435-862-6933

 School Member, Principal– Lori Bellitti

[email protected] / 801-610-8702

 School Member, Teacher – MaryBeth Thomas

[email protected] /801-610-8702

Member– Ashley Cook

[email protected] / 801-874-9584

Member– Heather Wrigley

[email protected] / 907-616-1140

 Member– Samantha Healey

[email protected] / 801-471-5882